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Home Inspection


Home Inspection 00000

The most thorough and comprehensive inspection available. Home inspections are commonly performed during the home selling process.

We make every effort to safely perform and provide you with the best roof inspection available. Sometimes the conditions or design of a roof prohibit our inspector's access. This is why we offer a guaranteed option. A comprehensive guaranteed roof inspection is performed in the exact manner and by the same local inspectors that your insurance companies use. This is the most accurate assessment of the roof condition available. Our comprehensive report is standard on 1 story roofs that have a less than 7/12 pitch.

As part of the home inspection process we perform a basic inspection of the mechanical components of your house. Our total Heating and Air Conditioning inspection is available as part of the home inspection process to those wanting more in depth reporting. This invasive multi point inspection is performed by a licensed HVAC technician who will test and troubleshoot all mechanical equipment and identify any hidden shortcomings or potential failures. An estimate for repair can be provided on request.

A radon, pest, moisture, lead and asbestos inspections are also available during the standard home inspection.

$300 In stock
Age of home
Square footage
Roof Condition Reporting
Add on complete HVAC inspection
Add on Radon Testing
Add on CL 100 / Pest Inspeciton
Add on Lead Based Paint Inspection (Pre 1978 build)